When the Going Gets Tough, Do You Give Up or Dig in?

Michael Jordan didn’t make the cut for his high school basketball team. J.K. Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter as a single mother on welfare. The Chicken Soup for the Soul manuscript received over 140 rejection letters before a publisher said yes. The Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe was rejected over 1000 times.

Rewards come to those who keep going when the going gets tough. What makes a person choose to dig in rather than give up? Resilience. Here are a few tips for keeping on when the going gets tough:

Take it one day at a time
Acknowledge that failure is not forever and a step backward is not a life sentence. What’s one thing you can you do today to get back on track?

Put it in perspective
When we are struggling with a setback it can quickly get blown out of proportion and suddenly take on a life of its own. Get back to reality by asking yourself ‘How big of a deal is this, really?’.

Learn from it
Instead of getting bitter, use the experience to get better. Get in the habit of asking yourself, ‘What can I learn from this?’.

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Getting knocked down is part of life. Staying down is a choice. We all have the power to pick ourselves up and try again. Own your power. Own your choices. Brighter days are right around the corner so don’t give up before the miracle happens!

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