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Requirements and Guidance to Become a Speaker or Panelist

Speakers Wanted

The OPTIMUM Women’s Leadership and Development Conference is a conference designed for Women by Women for Professional Empowerment in Leadership Development, Career Management and Advancement and Personal Excellence.  We’re looking for a few GREAT SPEAKERS who are: 

  • Interested in sharing expertise, real-world strategies and knowledge with Professionals Women
  • Willing to partner with OPTIMUM to deliver the best possible experience for the attendees
  • Committed in attending the whole event and engaging with attendees beyond their presentation
  • Open to helping spread the word about the event

SPEAKER Applications are closed.  Submissions for 2018 will open in October 2017.

Speaker Topics

OPTIMUM Women’s Leadership and Development Conference is soliciting proposals from prospective speakers including, whilst not limited to, the following areas of interest:

  • Leadership (i.e. Leading a Success Team, Building Valued-Based Relationships, Leading through Change, Establish Strategic Direction, Communication, Problem Solving, Decision Making)
  • Leadership Development 
  • Overcoming Obstacles & Challenges
  • Finding Your Voice / Confidence / Courage
  • Career Management and Advancement
  • Women’s Advancement Initiatives
  • Fitness, Health and Wellness
  • Finances
  • Personal and Professional Development

The following information will help you begin to prepare for the Call for Speakers launch in October, 2017. Please be prepared to complete your submission in one sitting. All submissions are stored.

Speaker Requirements

Information required for your submission

Session Objective

Key points you are prepared to address. NOTE: Session objective should reflect your expertise on the topic. It should be free from commercial interests and personal biography. You will have an opportunity to provide a link to your bio in the Speaker Contact Information section. Proposals that indicate a 30–45 minute role-play, demonstration, or video clip as part of the presentation will be given higher priority, as well as, topics on Leadership, Leadership Development, Career Management and Advancement, and Women’s Advancement Initiatives. 

Additionally, please consider who the audience of your talk will be for (i.e. executive leaders, small business owner, entrepreneur, etc.) in order to help our attendees choose which sessions to attend, we request for three learning objectives for your session. So choose your audiences wisely. 

Speaking Experience

Speaking experience (event name, event date, and optional supporting link) is required for each individual topic but may be repeated across multiple sessions as needed. This gives you the option of entering the same speaking experience for each session you select or customizing speaking experience by session topic.

Speaker Contact Information

Speaker’s Name, Job Title, Company, Link to speaker bio or LinkedIn, Speaker’s Email, and Phone Number. NOTE: All fields will be required.

Admin or PR Contact Information

Should you be applying on the speaker’s behalf, there is an option to “Add Primary Contact” to receive all communication regarding the Speaker’s submission.


Please provide at least three (3) references with respect to speaking ability, as well as contact information that will allow us to reach you to evaluate presentation skills.

Submission Changes/Cancellations

Though edits cannot be made after the proposal is submitted, please notify the OPTIMUM Leadership Team at if you experience any problems before starting a new submission. 


A Few More Things . . .

Make sure your proposal is complete. As OPTIMUM grows, the timeframe for setting the agenda has narrowed. Please make sure that you have all of your speaker’s contact information and biographies before submitting. We will include a helpful Speaker Submission Checklist in the proposal system, to help you ensure you have all of the information required prior to beginning the proposal submission process.

SPEAKER Applications are closed.  Submissions for 2018 will open in October 2017.



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All submissions will be reviewed and evaluated by the OPTIMUM Board of Advisors based on originality, technical and/or research content/depth, correctness, relevance to conference, contributions, and readability.

English is the official language of OPTIMUM.

Online submissions are only accepted.  To review the application checklist, Speaker’s Presenation Checklist.

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