So What Am I Afraid Of?

Did you realize many people have a condition called Afraid to Succeed? It’s true.

This is more common than you know. Either you or someone close to you is teetering on the brink of success but afraid to cross that line.

Some of us might not even realize we are paralyzed by the fear of success. Let’s ask ourselves a few questions;

  1. Are you doing the same job for the past 4 years with no change?
  2. Do you talk yourself out of applying for that promotion because you know in your heart you will not get it anyway?
  3. Do you feel that if you were to get a promotion that your coworkers wouldn’t respect your authority and it would cause friction so you prefer to just stay where you are to keep the peace?
  4. Do you feel that if you did get that promotion or moved to a different company with increased responsibilities that you wouldn’t be able to handle it and could possibly fail?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions you, my friend, are afraid to succeed. You are standing in your own way, afraid to move forward.

You must realize you are worthy of the greatness you are destined for. You are good enough. Once you’ve gotten past your barriers to your own success you’ll be able at that point to effectively lead in your business. Become that fearless leader you are destined to be.

#OPTIMUM Challenge

Have you overcome being afraid of success? Think about the strategy or techniques you used to overcome the fear and share your strategy,.  You never know, it may help some become f.r.e.e. of being afraid of success.

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