Sponsors & Partnerships


OPTIMUM is currently actively seeking to build and grow four types of strategic partnerships.

  1. Corporate Strategic Partnerships and Sponsorship with leading corporations and companies that knows the significance of investing in professional women and supporting women advancement initiatives.
  2. Academic Partnerships with a select group of leading academic institutions who knows the value educational empowerment for women professionals and entreprenuers
  3. Network & Community Partnerships with leading global, national, and local women’s associations, networks, and organizations.
  4. Community Partnerships with leading global, national, and local non-governmental organizations, as well as non-profit organizations.

OPTIMUM is currently inviting Sponsors and Strategic Partners for our events and initiatives:

  • OPTIMUM Women’s Leadership and Development Conference
  • Leadership Academy @ OPTIMUM

Connect and Partner with us at Partners@OPTIMUMwldc.com or 404.981.2931.




Get in front of women leaders. 



Be positioned as a company supporting 

and empowering women today.



Be recognized as a credible leader 

in women empowerment. 



Women will love you and thank you for it.

partnership opportunities

Our strategic partnership opportunities are typically with leading companies, brands, academic institutions, women-focused networks, field-specific networks, industry associations, and NGOs operating in the areas of:

  • Technology, Science, Medicine, Mathematics, Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, and Innovation
  • Education and Academia
  • Government, Law, and Policy
  • Small Business Development
  • Media, Culture, and the Arts

Create a Brand Experience

Designed for Multicultural Women Professionals and Entrepreneurs, OPTIMUMwldc will have a board appeal to women who work in corporate America, municipal government, education, as well as women who manages small and home-based businesses.

Your sponsorship and partnership is incredibly important to the success and sustainability of OPTIMUMwldc and will reinforce your commitment to women’s leadership and career advancement.  More so, becoming a sponsor brings an unique opportunity to your BRAND in front of decision makers.  We welcome your Brand to create an experience with an impactful connection with WOMEN. Connect with us at Partners@OPTIMUMwldc.com

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