OPTIMUM Anthology Book


101SuccessStrategies-BookMock7Are you interested in becoming a published author?  Or, are you ready for your next book project with a collaborative effort? Perhaps you do not have the time, money, or expertise to market and sell your own book.  Many people sit on a book for years because first time publishing can be a crazy learning experience and require a lot of time and resources.

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Well, here’s an opportunity to become a PUBLISHED AUTHOR that can bring you immediate credibility, speaking engagements, and higher fees.  I am introducing the OPTIMUM Anthology Book Project for 10 authors: 9 women experts, plus, the 10th author is me.

Through the anthology route, you get published faster with a product to sell at events or give away to high-end clients with the added benefit of “Bestselling Author” with book featured on ABC, CBS, Fox News, and CNN (to name a few) on your professional portfolio.  No doubt this instant credibility will enable you to expand your influence, increase fees, become available for unlimited media opportunities, as well as get multiple paid speaking gigs. As an added bonus, your book is marketed by several partners (co-authors) who have a vested interest in the success and promotion of your book.

Since other women will be involved, this opens YOU up for more exposure. Think about it, a co-author who sells her book in New York, Texas, or Georgia will essentially be marketing you and your services which means lots of coverage with minimal marketing efforts.

  • Who is the audience for this book? Women Professionals and Entrepreneurs between that ages of 35-50.
  • Launch Date: January 2017 or 1Q2017 (subject to change)
  • Key Details:
  • Step 1: Sign contract based upon the two plans below (NOTE: author will always retain copyright ownership of her work).
  • Step 2: Write and submit your 15 success strategies / tips based upon a topic on Leadership, Career, or Lifestyle (i.e. health and wellness, business, finances, etc.). Only 10 success strategies / tips will be published in your Success Chapter. One additional strategy / tip will be added to a downloadable bonus chapter on the book’s website.
  • Step 3: Book is edited, compiled, and published with a launch campaign (subject to change).
  • Step 4: Celebrate! YOU are a published Bestselling Author along with your partners.

If you are interested, please contact me via email at welcome@optimumwldc.com or 404.981.2931. Else, if you know of a woman professional or entrepreneur who will benefit from this project, please forward this letter.

See the details below to discover the key components of the OPTIMUM Anthology Book Project.  This project is based upon a first come, first served basis, so secure your Success Chapter NOW!

Thank you for your interest.

Kindest Regards …. 

Karlyn D. Henderson, M.A.
Founder, OPTIMUM Women’s Leadership and Development Conference