Leadership A.C.T.

The qualities, skills and character traits of a leader all determine what kind of leader we will be. We must be able to lead ourselves before we can effectively lead others. Here are three areas that are important for leaders to focus on when leading by example.

John Maxwell said, “85% of success in life is due to attitude.” The interesting thing about attitude is that we have the ability to choose it. We certainly don’t get to decide what happens to us and around us from day to day. However, how we respond is one hundred percent our decision.

Regardless of the organization, corporation, or volunteer group, a leader must have the courage to embrace and create positive change. Accepting change can be difficult because so many people focus on the negative side of changes, rather than embracing the opportunities. A leader expects things to change, prepares for change, and helps lead others through change.

Leaders exhibit tenacity in the face of adversity. Whether it’s negotiation of a big business deal or the persistence to follow-up on promised donations, tenacity is critical for successful leadership. When the going gets tough, leaders get going.

Leadership isn’t an “act” but it requires us to demonstrate the right “A.C.T.” It starts with who we are on the inside. To develop as a leader, start with the right Attitude, have the Courage to create and embrace positive change, and demonstrate Tenacity in the face of adversity.

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