Don’t leave home without a bottom line

While preparing to leave McKenzie Court – my beloved public housing community in Tuscaloosa, Alabama – to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I needed some “non-negotiable bottom line principles” to take with me.


One of my bottom lines was gratitude.

It was important to me to be grateful for the community that nurtured me and to be able to go back there and feel at home. I wanted to maintain a sense of humility throughout my career and to allow those who contributed to my success to be able to share in it as well.

My Gratitude Tour

So, my life has been one big “Gratitude Tour.” I start my day with gratitude to God. I am thankful for the tangible and intangible. I have remained grateful though I have not always been on the mountaintop and have seen the depths of some valleys along the way.

Having this “attitude of gratitude” has been one of the best things I’ve done in life. Through gratitude, I became more acquainted with humility, patience, acceptance, understanding, empathy, creativity, and service.

Extra Mileage

I recently learned that expressing gratitude has scientifically-proven benefits, including improved health, better sleep, improved self-esteem, and more empathy. Yes, you guessed it: I am grateful to know this.

#OPTIMUMwldc Challenge

What are you grateful for today? Do you have an attitude of gratitude?

I look forward to your comments and to learning about your bottom lines as well.

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