Bold Leaders Resolve Conflict With Confidence

I grew up watching Emma Peels on the TV show The Avengers. Everything she did from walking into a room, handling a difficult conversation or delivering a fierce side-kick, she did with extreme confidence. The impact she had on me was here was a woman who knew that she was highly skilled in talking to people in any conflict situation and therefore chose to take it to the extreme only when her life was in danger.

The Importance of Conflict Resolution Skills

With every major business magazine and journal reporting on the importance of leaders building healthy relationships and diverse, high-functioning teams, social skills are fast becoming the primary tools for success. Leaders who are effective in managing these ideal workplaces know they must skillfully and willingly engage in conflict because it is both inevitable and necessary.

Why You Must Be Bold

Conflict can bring new ideas, opinions and perspectives to the workplace creating greater productivity but only if we as leaders are confident in our ability to face it and manage it. Bold leaders anticipate and set the table for conflict knowing that putting it on the table for discussion before it blows up only makes the workplace stronger. Bold leaders continuously go within to search for and own what they do to escalate a conflict. Bold leaders add to and strengthen their conflict resolution skills in order to walk into the fire with confidence every time.

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Do you handle conflict with confidence?  Share your experiences of overcoming conflict with confidence.

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