Authentic Leadership: Be True to Your Authentic Self

Authentic leadership is leading through your true authentic self. It’s a leadership style that requires the leader to first know who they are before they can lead anyone else. In order to lead authentically one should follow these five simple principles.

1. Be true to who you are unapologetically! How can you lead anyone if you can’t lead yourself in your own truth?

2. Lead with your strengths but always honor your weaknesses. Most strengths, for any great leader was once their weakness. When we honor our weaknesses we nurture them into our strengths.

3. Practice humility. Leadership and humility are often separated, however authentic leadership requires a balance of humility and confidence. A humble leader is often the best leader because they understand that without their team they wouldn’t be the great leader they are today.

4. Keep an open mind at all times. An open mind leads to innovation, creativity, and inspiration. All successful leaders were visionaries who kept an open mind.

5. Cultivate Positivity. A great leader creates a positive employee experience and cultivates a positive culture within their organization. Positivity is contagious and necessary to be a highly effective leader.

By applying these five simple principles you will began to see a difference both personally and professionally. Leading authentically will help you be influential both in and out of the boardroom. Authentic leadership is a lifestyle that can be impactful, influential and inspiring to those who chose to live and lead authentically.

OPTIMUM Challenge:

Share how you can apply one of the five principles of Authentic Leadership.

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