The 5 Dysfunctions of Problem Solving for Leaders

Being alive, mean you’ve encountered countless problems. The million dollar question is how effective were you in resolving it? We often become comfortable to doing life as usual, not realizing this mentality keeps us in a place of mediocrity and stagnation. Reaching a level of significance, as a leader is a place we should all strive to attain. To get there, one of the skills we must master effectively is problem solving.  It enables leaders to transform themselves, others, businesses and communities. Thereby, taking on challenging situations head-on with confidence, resiliency and strategically.

The mindset of an effective leader is very different from an ineffective leader. Mainly because of the wisdom and approach they take to address situations. Instead of outlining what one should do, let’s talk about what should not be done when it comes to problem solving.

Here are the 5 Dysfunctions of Problem Solving for Leaders.

  1. Lack of perspective: having the right perspective enables leaders to examine all angles so they can intuitively explore and evaluate rationale paths of resolution. By not being open to explore all avenues, the sustainable solution will likely be missed.
  2. Fear of the Unknown: leaders cannot be crippled by “what if”. They can not be afraid to take chances and risk in their ability to think outside the box and pursue viable options. This is a sure path to failure.
  3. Fear of Asking: great leaders know the way to resolution is by asking the right questions. This may require the need to ask tough questions.
  4. Presence of Groupthink: trying to maintain harmony or conformity will not lead to the right answer. It often yields band-aid fixes, which are not sustainable.
  5. Presence of Closed Communication: problems cannot be solved on the level it was created. Meaning, you can’t do it alone. Assembling the right people, actively soliciting their input and keeping communication flowing is what’s required.

OPTIMUM Challenge:

Are you challenged with one of these 5 dysfunctions of problem solving.  Share your experience.

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